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New developments in the electronics manufacturing industry push the technologies and the processes we use forward. Knowledge Base is a collection of articles with useful tips and insider industry knowledge. We present information on various topics relating to manufacturing and assembly processes in the EMS industry, including articles on topics ranging from SMT and THT assembly to optimizing board layouts for manufacturability, quality, and price.

Reel and Tray Recycling at ESO Electronic


ESO is now participating in Farnell’s electronic component reel and tray recycling program.

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Toleranzen bei der Leiterplattenherstellung


Welche Toleranzen treten bei der Leiterplattenherstellung auf?

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Besonderheiten bei der LED-Bestückung


Welche Besonderheiten gibt es bei der LED Bestückung und welche Basismaterialien gibt es?

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Why Dry Your Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)?


Delamination is a well-known problem in the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs). This occurs due to...

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How does conventional THT assembly work?


In conventional THT assembly, wired or through-hole components (also called THT components) are placed into...

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How does SMT electronics assembly work?


Electronics manufacturing using surface-mount technology (SMT) simply means that electronic components are...

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