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Change of Name

Founded in 1990, a startup at heart

2023 has been a year of exciting changes for our company. After 27 years at our previous location in Hahnenbach, Germany, we moved to our brand-new factory in Hennweiler, where we will continue to pursue a strategy of automation and digitalization, complete with expanded production capacity, logistics robots, and much more.

We have grown to define ourselves by this commitment to innovation, digitalization, and automation. The move to our new factory is the ideal occasion to highlight this strategic orientation as the core of our corporate identity, and we have therefore renamed ESO Electronic Service Ottenbreit GmbH as Newmatik GmbH.We have already been using this name since 2019 for our online customer portal and online PCBA web presence at www.newmatik.com.

Here is what has changed, and what remains the same:

  • ESO Electronic Service Ottenbreit GmbH is now Newmatik GmbH.
  • The company address (billing/shipping) is now Newmatik GmbH, Am Markt 1, 55619 Hennweiler, Germany.
  • Our existing VAT Number and Commercial Register Numbers remain the same.
  • These changes apply as of March 21st, 2023 (date of registration in commercial register).
  • All orders, purchase orders, and other contracts remain unchanged.
  • You can reach all contact persons at the same email addresses and telephone numbers as before.

Thank you for the trust you have placed in us as ESO Electronic for the past 33 years. We look forward to building off this foundation to pursue the next phase of innovation and growth as Newmatik GmbH.

Our announcement is also available as a PDF file on our website at Information Letter Move and Change of Name as of March 21st, 2023


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