• SMD Bestückung und Leiterplattenbestückung für die Luftfahrt / Aviation bzw. Luftfahrtelektronik
  • SMD Bestückung und Leiterplattenbestückung für LED Beleuchtungstechnik
  • SMD Bestückung und Leiterplattenbestückung für Öl- und Bergbau

Markets & Customers

Market Segments

Our company is technologically and culturally influenced by the products we produce and the customers with whom we work. Our customer relationships extend across countries and continents, as well as across a wide range of industries and sectors. The following diagram depicts our market share in different industrial sectors as a percentage of our total yearly turnover in 2014. Our broad diversification helps us to serve a wide variety of clients in numerous industries.

Who are our customers?

We live by the principle of uncompromising discretion and privacy for our customers. For this reason, your name will never be mentioned outside our offices. While we cannot mention any names, we can say that we produce prototypes and series production for Tier-1 automotive clients. Additionally, we serve as a direct supplier to global market leaders.

Market Segments

  • 15% Oil and Mining
  • 15% Public Safety and Security
  • 10% Automotive
  • 10% Medical
  • 10% LED Lighting
  • 9% Communication
  • 9% Industry Automation
  • 9% Measuring and Controlling
  • 5% Consumer
  • 5% Aviation
  • 3% EMS


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