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Newmatik was founded as ESO Electronic in Bruschied, Germany by Ambrosius Ottenbreit with his wife Ingrid in 1990. Ambrosius trained as an electrical engineer and spent several years in industry before deciding to start his own electronics manufacturing service. At first, ESO was located in Bruschied’s Town Hall, but quickly outgrew this building. In 1996, ESO moved to its facility in Hahnenbach.

Today, ESO has locations in both Germany and Romania and a total of over 80 employees. Sons Björn and Dominik Ottenbreit have played an active role on the ESO team for the past ten years. Since 2010, Björn and Dominik have worked in managerial capacities as Director of Operations and Director of Sales and Technology Development, respectively.

Part of what has made ESO successful over the past two decades is the careful but decisive way in which we respond to industry and economic challenges. The founding of ESO Romania in 2002 helped ESO Electronic to expand into a new market and offer competitive costs. In 2006, we completely transformed our manufacturing process to comply with RoHS/WEEE directives. Prudent financial planning and management saw us through the 2008-09 worldwide financial crisis. We took the economic recession as an opportunity to diversify our customer base. Despite the crisis, we managed to earn new customers.

Ambrosius passed away in 2012. His wife Ingrid has since taken over as Chief Executive Officer and President of ESO Electronic. ESO’s management team is looking forward to continued growth.

Ambrosius Ottenbreit grew ESO from a small family business to an internationally oriented firm with clients from all over Western and Eastern Europe. Under the next generation of management, we will honor his vision for ESO and follow his example by building business relationships that last a lifetime.

In March 2023, ESO moved to its current facilities in Hennweiler and rebranding as Newmatik GmbH.

In Brief

1990: Founded
1996: Move to Hahnenbach
1996: ISO Certification
2002: Founded ESO Romania
2006: RoHS/WEEE compliance
2011: New Management
2012: Investments into new SMT machines
2012: Founded ESO USA
2015: New Management at ESO Germany
2016: Adding space to ESO Romania
2019: Newmatik division started
​​​​​​​2021: IInvestments into new SMT machines
2023: Move to Hennweiler
2023: Rebranding as Newmatik GmbH


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