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Corporate Social Responsibility

What's really important to us

Employee Health, Safety & Well-Being

Our employees’ health and well-being is one of our most important assets. We consider it our responsibility to go beyond the workplace health and safety regulations dictated by law. In the workplace, we protect our employees from dangerous materials, noise, and unpleasant odors. We design ergonomic, well-lit and comfortable work stations and offices that suit the needs of each individual employee.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is an important goal for us. We evaluate the environmental impact of our industrial processes and work to identify ways to make them more sustainable. Specifically, we work to reduce our consumption of paper, electricity, and production gases as well as chemicals. We ship all packages with carbon neutral post and use recyclable packaging materials.

Social Commitment

As one of the largest employers in Kirn-Land, we would like to provide additional secure jobs in the region. We support local social initiatives and are active in regional trade associations. We also see our responsibility as extending outside of our region. For this reason, we also donate a portion of our revenue to international educational and healthcare projects.


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