• Konventionelle THT Selektivlötung bedrahteter Bauteile nach SMD Bestückung
  • Bestückte Leiterplatte mit Spule nach SMD Bestückung in Handlötung
  • Bestückte Leiterplatte nach SMD Bestückung bzw. Leiterplattenbestückung
  • Blick in die Abteilung SMD Bestückung mit Bestückungsautomaten, Pastendruck und AOI Kontrolle
  • Gerätemontage einer bestückten Leiterplatte durch Mitarbeiterin


Wallner Automation

Offers high-quality products and services in the field of automation, including:

  • Analog and digital hardware development
  • Security engineering (SIL 3/KAT 4/PL e)
  • FPGA-Designs (Altera and Xilinx)
  • µC-Programming (C, Assembler)
  • eCAD (Mentor PADS)
  • Diverse displays and touch screens
  • Wireless and mobile communication systems
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues

Learn more at www.wallner-automation.com

Carly Ottenbreit Language Consulting

  • Native-speaker technical translations from German into English.

Learn more at www.ottenbreit-consulting.com

PCD Works

PCD Works is a product concept and technology development company located in Palestine, Texas, USA. 
They specialize in:

  • Ideation
  • Scientific research, development, and experimentation
  • Technology development
  • Engineering (particularly electrical and mechanical)
  • Prototyping and testing

Learn more at www.pcdworks.com

Brightside TYPO3 Web Development

Brightside provides easy-to-use website design and TYPO3 CMS development, accompanied by long-term customer support and software maintenance services.

Learn more at t3brightside.com


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